In Texas, parents are not required to leave their property to their children.  An individual may disinherit his or her children in a will.  However, without a will, the property passes according to Texas law under the intestate distribution statutes and property may pass to heirs you would not have chosen.


Following funeral arrangements, you will want to take the original will to a probate attorney.  The probate attorney will guide you through the process of probating the will and notify you of all your duties and responsibilities as executor or executrix.

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There are numerous reasons why a person should have a Last Will and Testament.  First off, surely you have an idea as to who you would like your property to pass to after your death.  Dying without a will, you risk the possibility that those individuals you want your property to pass to might not inherit your property.  When a person dies without a will, that person’s property is distributed by law. The law does not play favorites.  Therefore, your devoted friend that cared for you for years will get nothing, unless you provided for your friend in your will.

I tell my clients to dress as if they were going to church.  You should dress and act in a professional manner. If you are going to court on an uncontested divorce, you do not have to wear a suit, but you should dress neatly. Slacks and a collar shirt are acceptable.  Shorts,tank tops, sleeveless shirts and flip-flops are not appropriate courtroom attire.

In Texas, there is a 30-day remarriage prohibition. Therefore, neither party to a divorce may marry a third party before the 31st day after the date their divorce is decreed.  However, the former spouses may marry each other anytime.   A party to a divorce may request a waiver of the 30-day prohibition against marriage; however, they are not automatically granted because good cause must be shown for the waiver.

I am writing in an effort to provide cursory answers to common questions regarding Texas law. The law is complex and constantly changing.  In no way is the information contained in this blog to be used or interpreted as legal advice.  Every individual has a unique set of facts that must be considered.  I encourage anyone with legal questions to speak with an attorney.