There are some individuals that tell me they will never marry again and then there are those that ask me how soon they can remarry.  There is a 30 day remarriage prohibition. You must wait 30 days from the date the judge signs your Final Decree of Divorce to remarry. In rare cases, the judge may waive the 30-day remarriage prohibition for good cause shown.


You should not stop paying child support because your ex-spouse is not letting you exercise your court-ordered visitation. Child support and visitation are two separate issues. Refusal by a party to allow possession or access to a child does not justify failure to pay court-ordered child support. If you stop paying court-ordered child support, you could be held in contempt of court.

If you are not being allowed to exercise your court-ordered visitation rights, contact me, Cari Brownlee, at 281-998-8880.

In Texas, there is a 30-day remarriage prohibition. Therefore, neither party to a divorce may marry a third party before the 31st day after the date their divorce is decreed.  However, the former spouses may marry each other anytime.   A party to a divorce may request a waiver of the 30-day prohibition against marriage; however, they are not automatically granted because good cause must be shown for the waiver.

I am writing in an effort to provide cursory answers to common questions regarding Texas law. The law is complex and constantly changing.  In no way is the information contained in this blog to be used or interpreted as legal advice.  Every individual has a unique set of facts that must be considered.  I encourage anyone with legal questions to speak with an attorney.